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Disc Golf Audio

Mar 28, 2016

One of the hot topics in disc golf social media is 2016 High Desert Distance Challenge and the amazing distances that people are achieving. However, some people are a bit troubled by the wind-aided throws as winds in the area reached 59 MPH.

Although none of us have any experience playing in Indiana we give our predictions for the 2016 Mishawaka Meltdown.


Once you create an account (or just login) Click on League > Join/Create League > Use the drop down menu to find Inside the Circle > Use password dgam.

Make sure when you make your picks that it is under the Inside the Circle league.

Here are our picks for the 2016 Mishawaka Meltdown


  1. Wysocki (2)
  2. Schusterick
  3. Barham
  4. Bierekoven


  1. Wysocki (5)
  2. Schusterick
  3. Mosier
  4. Ganger


  1. Wysocki (4)
  2. Schusterick
  3. Barham
  4. Ganger