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Disc Golf Audio

Dec 14, 2014

Interview with Andrea Meyers - 3:53

Product Review - 8:42

Putting Practice - 15:00


Your Disc Golf Questions - 21:39

The Todd Cam Dyemax discs are awesome. We are so thankful to be working with Todd and hope to be able to have a lot more of his artwork on our discs. 



Don't forget to vote for the Dynamic Discs Felon in the All Things Disc Golf Thrower's Choice Awards. We had several of our discs do well in the prelims but the Felon is just one of those discs that has made an impact on a lot of people's disc golf game.


This episode we interview Team Dynamic Discs Pro Andrea Meyers. Andrea had a little bit of an unusual start in disc golf in that at an early age she was introduced to it by her father and she hated it. It was not until later in her 20s that she finally embraced the sport.

More game improving tips from Pro player Dixon Jowers and of course your disc golf questions. 



Thanks for listening!