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Disc Golf Audio

Jan 28, 2021

A.J. Risley and Chris Clemons are in town to get some media work done before heading out on tour. 

Be sure to follow their story on Instagram.

A.J. Risley - @risbeejr

Chris Clemons - @DDClemonade



Jan 20, 2021

In the episode, we have the entire Dynamic Discs Media Crew to answer your disc golf questions and to bid a farewell to Robert McCall.


When to throw distance drives: 7:20
Why sanction your disc golf event: 9:55
Plastic suggestion for the Truth: 12:20
Putting while choking: 14:55
Run up vs walk-up: 20:10
Foot fault or...

Jan 14, 2021

Anthony has a double-dip of Hot Takes for us this week!

Jan 13, 2021

0:00 Show Intro

5:37 Robert’s News

11:29 Disc Technology

13:50 Dynamic Discs Bounty

14:52 Dynamic Discs “Staple” Discs

18:07 Tournament Woes

21:27 Warrant vs Bounty

23:45 Westside Sling Bag

25:01 Laying Up vs Risking It

29:01 I Can’t Throw Backhands

31:01 Warden vs P2

33:48 Driving Indoors

37:00 Determining A...