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Disc Golf Audio

Dec 16, 2020

0:00 Show Intro 6:25 USDGC 17 Re-Tee Rule 14:12 Indoor Disc Golf Training 17:56 Wider Runs of Team Discs 23:28 Anthony’s Judge Review 24:38 Curling Index Finger Under Disc Rim 27:14 Rolling Wrist on Backhands 29:36 Renegade Replacement 32:30 Bobby’s Life Tips 36:03 Putting Form Changes 44:07 Gateway Woods Interview...

Dec 10, 2020

Anthony is back with this week's Disc Golf Hot Take, and he's heated about the impressiveness or lack thereof in being 1000 rated.

Dec 9, 2020

0:00 Intro 5:44 Should USDGC Mozzarella Sticks Be More Common 9:22 What Disc/Plastic Would Make a Good Throwing Putter 11:57 Top 3 Reasons People Love Disc Golf 17:59 Why Do Some Players Prefer to Putt on a Hyzer Angle 20:03 Truth Review 21:30 Stock Update 22:30 Course Construction Funds 23:59 Trilogy Replacement For a...

Dec 1, 2020

0:00 Intro 5:50 Who would you pick as an FPO doubles partner? 8:08 Any advice to preventing shoulder injuries? 11:11 Can DD team up with Office Ladies podcast? 12:33 Why don’t we just eliminate par completely? 16:37 Am I playing too cautiously? 19:30 Trespass Disc Review 21:52 What does added spin do to a drive? 24:35...