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Disc Golf Audio

Feb 28, 2018

We invited team Dynamic Discs and team Westside Discs to dinner and chatted with them about disc golf. 

Feb 23, 2018

We interview A Ray from Team Dynamic Discs.


You can reach out to A Ray on his Facebook page.


A Ray's question for you: Are you willing to contribute to the Patreon accounts for disc golf media?

Jomez Production

Central Coast Disc Golf

Feb 23, 2018

Doug Bjerkaas updates us on the latest event news from Dynamic Discs.

Feb 22, 2018

Vegas Challenge

Robert McCall

Ricky Wysocki

Nate Sexton

Kevin Jones


Paige Pierce

Catrina Allen

Lisa Fajkus


Eric McCabe

Ricky Wysocki

JohnE McCray

Grady Shue


Paige Pierce
Jessica Weese

Kona Panis



Ricky Wysocki

Eagle McMahon

Chris Clemmons


Paige Pierce


Feb 21, 2018

In this episode we talk about if and when you should run a bigger event, will implementing the X-step give you more distance,  loosening your grip just before your throw, and many more of your disc golf questions.