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Disc Golf Audio

Sep 23, 2015


Bobby is out of town so for this week's episodes he recorded an interview with Doug Bjerkaas last week. A few times we get questions about running tournaments and so with Doug's experience running a tournament I thought a conversation with him would be helpful for our...

Sep 15, 2015

10:12 - Your Disc Golf questions
45:15 - Mind Body Disc - Plateaus
50:15  - More of your Disc Golf questions
1:01:14 - Interview with Kristi Stanley
1:15:50 - Back to your Disc Golf questions
1:22:50 - Topic of the week - GoFundMe


A lot of Disc Golf adventures happening for the Disc Golf Answer Man as Bobby returns...

Sep 4, 2015

Bobby is out on the road and is traveling with Jonathan Ray (JRay) of Team Dynamic Discs. JRay has the unique opportunity to travel and visit over the U.S. and run 2 Disc Challenges to help grow the sport of Disc Golf. In the 2 Disc Challenges you pay $20 and you get 2 discs from Dynamic Discs to play the course. 

Sep 2, 2015

We have a special guest for episode 087 of the Disc Golf Answer Man. As we have mentioned on past episodes Team Dynamic Discs member, Paige Bjerkaas is attending school at Emporia State University. She will be going to school full time and helping us out with the podcast and other videos. We will be adding a new tab to...