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A listener sends in a question about plastic colors and availability. 

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A listener sends in a question about finding the right putter.

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In this episode we discuss different grips for putters, concrete versus turf teepads, and we have a special guest call in to help us with a question.

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Bobby was signed up to participate in the Dirty Kanza 100 mile bike ride. A listener calls in to ask about a training routine. 

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To catch up on some questions we recorded short segments.

Q: Tips on funding to get a course in your town. 

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In this episode we discuss PDGA Worlds going to a 4-day event, what to keep in mind when designing a disc golf course, biggest mistakes Ams make in their driving technique, and much more. 

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 In this episode, we answer questions about rules violations, beat-in discs, when to retire your putter, and much more.



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Check out Disc Golf Strong on the web

and at Facebook.com/DiscGolfStrong

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We are back from GBO and ready to answer your disc golf questions.

Check out GBO Episodes on Dynamic Discs YouTube Channel.

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Bobby and Jeremy are headed to the Amateur Championships at Bowling Green and as we have done in the past we answer questions posted on the Disc Golf Answer Man podcast. 



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