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Being a Tournament Director - Doug Bjerkaas


Bobby is out of town so for this week's episodes he recorded an interview with Doug Bjerkaas last week. A few times we get questions about running tournaments and so with Doug's experience running a tournament I thought a conversation with him would be helpful for our listeners. 

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Jonathan Ray Interview

Bobby is out on the road and is traveling with Jonathan Ray (JRay) of Team Dynamic Discs. JRay has the unique opportunity to travel and visit over the U.S. and run 2 Disc Challenges to help grow the sport of Disc Golf. In the 2 Disc Challenges you pay $20 and you get 2 discs from Dynamic Discs to play the course. 

Bobby interviews JRay to find out more about 2 Disc Challenges and life on the road. Make sure you check out the Chasin' the Chains Facebook page to find out if JRay will be in you area. 

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Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 087

We have a special guest for episode 087 of the Disc Golf Answer Man. As we have mentioned on past episodes Team Dynamic Discs member, Paige Bjerkaas is attending school at Emporia State University. She will be going to school full time and helping us out with the podcast and other videos. We will be adding a new tab to site to allow for specific questions you might have for Paige as she brings a women's perspective to touring and playing Disc Golf. 

Tim from Mind Body Disc is back with another segment of Mind over Plastic.

Be sure to stay tuned until the end of this episode to catch the topic of the week where Eric and Bobby give their opinions on the latest that is going on in Disc Golf. Got a suggestion for a topic?

Thanks for listening.

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Bobby was traveling with the owner of Dynamic Discs, Jeremy Rusco, to the 2015 PDGA Amateur & Junior World Championships and on the ride back home thought it would be interesting to interview him.

Bobby was able to post about the interview and get questions for Jeremy on the 
DGAM Facebook group and the Fan page for Latitude 64, Westside Discs, and Dynamic Discs

If you are not interested in learning more about Dynamic Discs, just skip this episode and stay tuned as Eric and Bobby will be back with your disc golf questions on the next episode. 


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While Bobby was in Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Womens Disc Golf Championships he was able to meet up with Terry Miller and discuss his start with disc golf media, some of the challenges he face, what he loves about disc golf media, and his opinion on the current state of disc golf and disc golf media.

Terry Miller is also known as the Disc Golf Guy and along with Jonny V brings you live coverage of some disc golf tournaments via their SmashboxxTV YouTube Channel. Be sure to check out their live podcast where they talk about disc golf topics and interviews. 

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Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 081

In an effort to keep from having weeks go by without an episode Eric and Bobby recorded an extra episode last week. Hopefully it won't be too confusing when you listen. 

No special segments in this episode, just an hour of Eric and Bobby answering your disc golf questions.

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Some exciting stuff happening at Dynamic Distribution as they had another delivery of a 40 foot container delivered full of discs. 

One the show we discussed two of the discs that have arrived. The new Lucid Judge and the new Fuzion Truth. Eric got a chance to throw these discs before we recorded this episode.

If you are in the Wisconsin area there are several Dynamic Discs Tournaments that you can check out. 

March 22 - Wisconsin Spring Open

March 23 - Rollin Ridge Open

March 29 - West Bend, Wisconsin

March 30 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Go to the tournament schedule on the Dynamic Discs web site to get more details. 

As always Eric McCabe answers your Disc Golf questions.

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