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We have your disc golf questions ready to go on episode 117 of the Disc Golf Answer Man. 

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One of the hot topics in disc golf social media is 2016 High Desert Distance Challenge and the amazing distances that people are achieving. However, some people are a bit troubled by the wind-aided throws as winds in the area reached 59 MPH.

Although none of us have any experience playing in Indiana we give our predictions for the 2016 Mishawaka Meltdown.

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Here are our picks for the 2016 Mishawaka Meltdown


  1. Wysocki (2)
  2. Schusterick
  3. Barham
  4. Bierekoven


  1. Wysocki (5)
  2. Schusterick
  3. Mosier
  4. Ganger


  1. Wysocki (4)
  2. Schusterick
  3. Barham
  4. Ganger
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You Disc Golf questions are answered. Rob, I hope you're listening to this episode. :)

I finally put up Rual's interview where he talks about his 63 sanctioned tournaments played in 2015.

Mind Body Disc tells us to "Stop Tinkering".

The DGAM crew discusses some of the hot topics seen on social media such as Steve Dodge's post on whether Disc Golf is ready for ESPN and the chatter that has been about the ban on headphones in PDGA tournaments.


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Eric McCabe, Dixon Jowers, and Bobby CoolDaddySlickBreeze discuss the results of the St. Patrick's Classic.

Ken Climo's performance at the Throw Down the Mountain.

Ken Climo vs Paul McBeth.

A little Glass Blown Open talk.

Eagle Disc Golf Course at Olpe Lake.

Changes to Peter Pan Park.

Be sure to make your account at SkipAce.com so you can see how you score against Eric, Dixon, and Bobby. We believe the first official event is the Nick Hyde Memorial.

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Paige is still on Spring Break so it is just Eric and me answer you disc golf questions.

We have a segment from Miles Seaborn discussing sponsorship in Disc Golf. 

Tim from Mind Body Disc tells us how we sometimes need to just take our medicine and move on.

Thanks for listening!

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Bobby, Eric, and Dixon talk about the results from the La Mirada Open and debate over the media.

We interview Noodle Arm Disc Golf about his 2016 March Mold Mania. Be sure to head over to Noodle Arm Disc Golf to get your bracket set up.

Be sure to join the Disc Golf Answer Man Facebook group to discuss your picks for the 2016 St. Patricks Classic.


  1. Lizotte
  2. Philo
  3. Nikko
  4. Bell


  1. Gibson
  2. Nikko
  3. Philo
  4. Lizotte


  1. Nikko
  2. Drew
  3. Philo
  4. Jere
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We are back from the Memorial Championships in Arizona and do we ever miss the sunshine. It is good to be back in our studio to record DGAM episode 114.

Today's episode is brought to you by the Dynamic Discs Thief. The Thief is a versatile fairway driver that will benefit players of all skill levels. With the stable flight path and glide, the Thief will be a fairway workhorse for every bag. For slower arms, the Thief will be an overstable complement to the Witness. For big arms, the Thief will be a straight flyer with slight hyzer release.

Ron Convers shares his thoughts on the infamous GBO wind putt.

Tim from Mind Body Disc is back wishing he was better. 

Thanks for listening!

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Dixon Jowers and Bobby discuss the results of the 2016 Memorial Championships and their thoughts and predictions for the 2016 La Mirada Open.

Dixon top 4 predictions:

  1. McBeth
  2. Rico
  3. Wysocki
  4. Philo

Bobby's top 4 predictions:

  1. McBeth
  2. Philo
  3. Rico
  4. Wysocki
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Ep 113 Disc Golf Answer Man

This episode is brought to you by the new EMAC truth. 

The PDGA membership code is back. When signing up for a new membership you can save 20% by using the code DGANSWERMANNEW20. 

In this episode we have Ron Convers talking about invasive species, an interview with a high school girl that used her senior project to design, raised funds for, and open a disc golf course, and your disc golf questions. 

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Dixon Jowers and Bobby discuss the results of the Gentlemen's Club Challenge and their thoughts and predictions for the 2015 Memorial Championships.

Dixon's top 4 predictions

1. Wysocki (by 3)
2. Koling
3. McBeth
4. Feldberg

Bobby's top 4 predictions

1. McBeth
2. Wysocki
3. Koling
4. Feldberg

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