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In this interview episode we have Steve Dodge from Vibram Disc Golf and the mastermind behind the Disc Golf Pro Tour. Steve discusses the motivation behind the Disc Golf Pro Tour and some highlights you should expect from the tour. 

We also have some questions that were sent in from our listeners.

Links mentioned in the show:

Disc Golf Pro Tour

Points and Payout Bracket

Disc Golf Pro Tour Venues

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Ep 110 Disc Golf Answer Man

This week's episode is brought to you by the Dynamic Discs Suspect.  The Suspect is a perfect in-between disc. With a very low profile and small diameter, it feels like a putter. With built in stability and great glide, it can fly like a midrange. You can use it for either. When thrown hard, it flies flat and lands flat without ever flipping over. When thrown soft, it is a great stable approach disc. The blunted nose also makes it great for sticking the chains if you need a headwind putter. Amazing versatility and great feel, we suspect you will love this disc and the low scores that accompany it.

Be sure to check out the 2016 GBO Spectator pack to learn about this new program to encourage spectators to come out to watch the disc golf action at the 2016 Glass Blown Open

Eric McCabe talks about working with a blank canvas when it comes to disc golf course design.

Miles Seaborn discusses his practice routine and Kevin Shaffer tells us some lessons he learned on his first trip out of state for a disc golf tournament. 

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Our guest for episode 109 is Team Latitude 64's JohnE McCray. JohnE McCray is starting his 2016 touring and stopped by the Dynamic Discs warehouse before moving onto Arizona for the Memorial. 

JohnE talks about his touring goals for 2016, his putting routing, and how to turbo putt. Be sure to stay tuned to Latitude 64's Facebook page for info on the Next Generation tour with JohnE and Dave Feldberg. 

Be sure listen closely for details on how to win a signed Goldline Saint Pro

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This week's podcast is brought to you by the Dynamic Discs Enforcer. The Enforcer will fly great into a wind. It can be turned over for a very predictable S-flight. It is a wonderful disc for a spike shot. The versatility and predictability of the Enforcer has proven itself and is a staple in the bags of many world class professionals.

Eric and Paige discuss which overstable midrange they prefer to use and why.

Ron Convers talks about his disc selection process. 

Miles Seaborn enlightens us on the different stages of wear on a disc.

We also giveaway a Fluid Enforcer on our Facebook group so be sure to join the group for future giveaways. 

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Ricky Wysocki made a stop at the Dynamic Discs Kansas City store and a disc golfer's trip through Kansas is not complete without stopping by Dynamic Discs in Emporia. I would be remiss if did not ask Ricky to be on the Disc Golf Answer Man and of course he was obliged.

He had a lot to get done here at the Dynamic Discs warehouse so I did not have time to request questions from our Facebook group but, I did have Ricky answer a few of questions that were in our queue.

Along with your questions Ricky also talked about his plan for 2016, his new SockiBomb clothing initiative, and his thoughts on the importance of flight numbers. I also asked about his thoughts from back in 2015 about hole 17 at the USDGC.

Thanks for listening and please do not forget to rate and review the show on iTunes and Stitcher.

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This episode is brought to you by the Dynamic Discs Witness. The Witness is a great fairway driver for players with lower arm speed. An understable flight path and tremendous glide make the Witness an excellent choice for players looking to gain distance without sacrificing accuracy. Bigger arms can use the Witness for controlled anhyzers, hyzerflips, and rollers. 

We talk about tee pads and whether the shape and length of a tee pad can affect your shots. Check out DynamicCourseDesign.com for more information on Eric McCabe's venture into course design. 

Miles Seaborn has a segment on 5 discs every disc golfer should never be without.

Tim from Mind Body Disc explains why you should not worry about others but, to play your game. 

Let us know your thoughts on the 3 rules we discuss from the American Disc Golf Tour.

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If you have been a long time listener to the Disc Golf Answer Man then you know from time to time we will record a show while we are traveling to a tournament. Episode 105 is one of those episodes. Jeremy Rusco, Dixon Jowers, and I were traveling to Carrollton, Texas to check out the new Dynamic Discs store. I thought this would be a perfect time for us to record an episode. 

As usual I posted on our DGAM Facebook group to get some questions and the group did not disappoint. Be sure to join our group so you do not miss out on these impromptu episodes.

Thanks for listening!

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