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Oh baby it is cold outside! The temperature is dropping here in Emporia, Kansas which makes for less time out on the course and that makes us sad. Now worries, plenty of Disc Golf videos and Disc Golf podcasts to keep Disc Golf on the mind. 

A heads up for all you podcast listeners that we will be taking a break for the Christmas holidays. We are going to take the next couple of weeks off from the podcast to make sure we are ready to go for 2016 and spend some time with family. Our next episode will be out the first of January when we will be celebrating our 100th episode! Be sure to tune in as we will have lots of goodies to give out during the show. 

We have a very special guest on this episode. The #1 ranked women disc golfer in the world, Paige Pierce. One of Paige's closest friends works at Dynamic Discs so during her off time Paige decided to visit Emporia and hang out. We invited her to be on the show and she was more than willing to come answer your Disc Golf questions. 

This episode is brought to you by the new Fluid Moonshine plastic. Fluid and Moonshine are brought together for a disc that feels awesome in the hand and looks even better in the dark. 

Miles Seaborn is back to talk about how he practices for a tournament that he travels for and can be there a day before the event starts. Paige Pierce also gives us some of her methods for preparing for a tournament. 

We also hear from Mind Body Disc and how Tim uses meditation to help with his disc golf game. 

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We are back with another episode pushing up to the edge of the 2 hour mark. We are working in some more content for you guys with interviews and disc golf tips so hopefully you are able to stick around for all the good info. 

Miles Seaborn Cover of Disc GolferCongrats to team Dynamic Discs member Miles Seaborn for making it onto the cover of DiscGolfer magazine and now he will be forever known as the beaver. 

Links for the topics discussed in this week's episode.

Out of production discs for 2016

Disc Golf Thieves take Disc Golf Targets

All Things Disc Golf Disc of the Year Prelims

Reddit discussion about media at the Disc Golf Pro Tour

Discussion about flight numbers


Let us know your thoughts on these topics here or on our Facebook group

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Questions - 8:12

Mind Body Disc - 24:32

Interview with Matt Loyd- 45:56

Miles Seaborn Driving with a Towel - 1:14:31

We almost hit the 2 hour mark on this episode as we cram in several interviews and you Disc Golf questions. 

If you are listening to the episode before December 5th and you are in the Crowley, Texas area you should consider playing in the Bob Robertson Memorial that is being run by Dynamic Discs Lewisville.

The 2016 Women's Global Event as been set for May 14, 2016. This is an important event for women in Disc Golf and has a unique setup that allows women to play from all over the globe. Head on over to PDGA.com/women to find out more.

Eric, Bobby, and Paige talk about the recently PDGA approved Latitude 64 Bite disc that was originally produced as a catch disc for dogs. You might find that this disc may fit into your bag. We know that Ron Convers really likes it.

Mind Body Disc is back with a segment on taking inventory.

Miles Seaborn discusses driving with a towel and how that could help you during the winter season when you may not be able to get out on the course and practice your drives. We also interview Matt Loyd as he prepares to head out on the DD RV for some.

Be sure that you listen to learn the winner of our Disc Golf is Life triple stamp disc and how you can win either a Prime Evidence or a Prime Escape.

And to close up the show we discuss the latest article from PDGA on the granularity of Disc Golf


Thanks for listening!

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