Disc Golf Answer Man by Dynamic Discs

Questions - 6:39
Miles Seaborn - Putting Indoors - 59:10
Mind Body Disc - Mid-round corrections - 1:14:51

Episode 096 is here and full of great Disc Golf content. To start things off we hear about Eric McCabe's experience at the 2015 Piney Woods Open. Do not forget that registration is ongoing for the 2016 Glass Blown Open as more tiers are open on the National Tour side. 

This episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man is brought to you by the Fluid Judge and all the discs currently available in the Fluid plastic. Fluid plastic has a flexible quality and superb grip. This translate to better grip and more control when your hands are cold. 

We are adding a few new segments to our podcast. Team Dynamic Discs member, Miles Seaborn has recorded some segments on tips that can help take your Disc Golf to the next level. In this first segment Miles discusses how to practice putting when you can't go outside.  We also have Tim from Mind Body Disc back to discuss how to work in mid-round corrections.

In this episode Paige Bjerkaas mentioned our Back to Basics - The Drive segment from our latest Dynamic Discs TV episode. If you are looking to learn more about driving it might be worth your time to check it out. 

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8:21 - Disc Golf Questions
41:25 - Topic of the Week

Eric, Bobby, and Paige are back this week answering your Disc Golf questions. A couple of questions that require the "Disclaimer" so sit back and listen as the 3 of them give their thoughts.

If you want to read up on some of the topics discussed check out the links below:

PDGA announces new Junior Divisions

PDGA Board establishes Game Development Team 

American Disc Golf Tour

PDGA Rating System

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6:20 - Disc Golf Questions
27:00 - Mind Body Disc  "Mistakes"

Someone said it best on Facebook, we gained an hour of sleep but we lost an hour of Disc Golf. Yes, because of the time change for most us when we clock out of work it is already getting too dark to hit up our local Disc Golf course for a quick round. But, that is ok, because Eric and Bobby are still hear to talk about Disc Golf.

Congrats to Instagram user tbartexpress. He used the #DGAMEscape and wins the double-stamped DGAM Escape.

Thanks for listening everyone!


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