Disc Golf Answer Man by Dynamic Discs

11:50 - Questions
55:36 - Mind Body Disc
59:28 - Questions
1:11:09 - Topic of the Week - 4 hour live coverage vs 45 condensed coverage

Eric and Bobby return from the Oklahoma Open where Bobby shot 300 points above his outdated rating and Eric takes the in for the Men's Pro division. 

Do not forget that registration for the 2016 Glass Blown Open opens up for the U.S. on November 2nd. Go to the Glass Blown Open site to get all the details. Check out the teaser video below.

Tim is back with some motivation from Mind Body Disc.

Thanks for listening.

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Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 092

Questions - 9:47
Mind Body Disc - 29:27
Back to Questions - 33:31
‚ÄčTopic of the week - More tours? - 1:07:12

Disc Golf Answer Man Episode 092 is here and full of your Disc Golf questions. 

Thanks to everyone that left a comment on our episode 091 post for a chance to win the DGAM double-stamped Latitude 64 River. The winner has been selected and once we hear back from Alec Kurowski we will get the winning disc shipped out to him. Be sure to listen to episode 092 for your chance to win the DGAM triple stamped Westside Discs Shield. 

Questions about flick shots, knowing when your form hurts your distance, and more are found in this week's episode along with some advice from Mind Body Disc about taking a break from your Disc Golf Addiction. 

Thanks again for listening and don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes and Stitcher

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Paige is on Fall break so she is taking a break from the Disc Golf Answer Man as she visits family. Eric and Bobby take on your Disc Golf questions and we have another segment from Mind Body Disc.

Grow Disc Golf Day ESU Halftime Video

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Questions - 11:55
Mind Body Disc - One Step Backward - 33:54
More Questions - 38:33
Topic of the Week - 1:13:30

In this week's episode Bobby, Eric, and Paige answer questions about growing a disc golf league, how different plastics perform, and a rule correction.

We also have Tim at Mind Body Disc back another segment and then finish up with our topic of the week.

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Disc Golf Questions - 12:54
Interview with Jeremy Rusco - 42:57
Disc Golf Questions - 1:05:52
Mind Body Disc - 1:26:33 - Growing Disc Golf
Disc Golf Questions - 1:31:07
Topic of the week - 1:40:06 - Smaller Disc Golf Baskets. PDGA NT and Majors Schedule for 2016

We hope you are ready for a DGAM XL because this one is it. We hit the 2 hour mark on this one as we have your Disc Golf Questions, an interview with Jeremy Rusco of Dynamic Discs and another awesome segment from Mind Body Disc

PDGA Who Are Disc Golfers? Survey

PDGA 2016 NT and Majors Schedule

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