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Disc Golf Answer Man Ep 081

In an effort to keep from having weeks go by without an episode Eric and Bobby recorded an extra episode last week. Hopefully it won't be too confusing when you listen. 

No special segments in this episode, just an hour of Eric and Bobby answering your disc golf questions.

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Questions - 9:20
Disc Golf Health & Wellness - 42:02
Questions - 1:01:17
In The Bag - Bobby - 1:22:15
Questions - 1:33:13

So much content you may have to listen to this episode in two sittings. Eric and Bobby answer your disc golf questions including what shoes do they wear for disc golf, next level of disc golf, fixing you grip, and more.

Kris is back with the final part of his series on Disc Golf Health & Wellness where he discusses nutrition. Nutrition is an area that some people often forget and yet it can be a crucial part to improving your performance on the disc golf course. 

We have another In The Bag series with none other than our very own, Bobby Brown. 

Thanks for listening!

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Questions - 9:10

Mind Body Disc - 56:29

Questions - 1:01:08


June is here the temperatures are rising and Eric and Bobby are back with another episode. Eric talks about his travels and new course design in Alabama and we also hear about a trip to San Antonio that both Bobby and Eric made along with other Dynamic Discs people to attend a wedding.

We have a all kinds of questions in this episode from how to practice indoors, a discussion about the mando rule, and a question about the cannabis culture. 

Another segment from Tim and Mind Over Plastic is included where Tim talks about commitment. 

We announce the winners of our DGAM stamped discs and encourage you to check out our DGAM gear section at Dynamic Discs.


Thanks for listening.


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