Disc Golf Answer Man by Dynamic Discs

Questions - 7:26
Disc Golf Health & Wellness - 38:20
Questions - 1:06:41
Mind Body Disc - 1:20:18
Questions - 1:24:34


Eric is back from California and the Masters Cup and we have a full episode for you as Kris is back with his 3 installment to our Disc Golf Health & Wellness series. This time he talks about the importance of flexibility and he answers a few questions from our listeners.  

We also have Tim back with another segment from Mind Body Disc.Thanks for listening and we appreciate everyone rating and reviewing the show on iTunes.


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After two long weeks Eric and Bobby are back at with Disc Golf Golf Answer Man and they have a new logo! To help our show look more professional we hired a designer to come up with a log that was simple and clean and that would look good on discs and apparel. 

Eric and Bobby have plenty of Glass Blown Open updates but to make sure you see all the coverage from the event be sure to go to DynamicDiscs.tv. 

We have a little over 100 questions to get through so we jump straight into the questions.

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