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Questions - 11:25
Denise In the bag series - 34:25
Questions - 43:28
Mind Body Disc - 1:01:45
Questions - 1:07:00
Health & Wellness for Disc Golf - 1:21:45
Questions - 1:50:50


There is a chance that we will not be able to record an episode during the week leading up to and during Glass Blown Open so we have a super-duper sized episode for you this week. Be sure to tune into DynamicDiscs.tv for all the coverage of the event.

Team Latitude 64 member Denise Cameron is back to finish up her in the bag as she explains what she uses for putting. She also talks about what goes into why she chooses her discs. 

Tim is back for another segment of Mind Body Disc where as he talks about field work and we also here from Kris as he continues his series on Health & Wellness for Disc Golf. 

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We are back and we have only 3 weeks left until the 2015 Glass Blown Open. As you would expect the pace here at Dynamic Discs has continue to pick up even more as everyone is getting ready for the over 1000 expected for GBO. But, we still know what you want and that is another episode of Disc Golf Answer Man. 

Mind Body Discs is back with another helpful segment on improving your mental game. We continue our in the bag series with Denise Cameron as she goes over her Midrange discs. And we have a new series with Kris Edson where he goes over some tips for the health and wellness aspects of your disc golf game. As we mentioned in the podcast you can click on the tab to send in specific questions concerning the physical side of the game. 

If you enjoyed these special segments on our show please let us know in the comments so we can continue to seek out people to provide this information for you. 

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10:58 - Your Disc Golf Questions
39:26 - Mind Over Plastic
44:13 - More of Your Disc Golf Questions
1:04:43 - In The Bag with Denise Cameron - Drivers
1:16:58 - Even More of Your Disc Golf Questions

We should almost label this episode 074 + 1/2 because there is some much content. 


Eric and Bobby were able to play the new course that is set up at the Emporia Country Club. Again, this is a trial period to see how the flow works alongside the country club members playing ball golf. If everything works out well then the baskets will be permanently out on the course. Eric is also working on the Emporia Municipal Golf Course and getting baskets set up for a course that will be open to the public to play. Starting out it will only be available on Sundays but hopefully if things go well we will be able to get more days open for disc golf. 


Bobby put together a video with Jeremy Rusco covering the first 10 years of Dynamic Discs. Everyone at Dynamic Discs is very appreciative of all the support over the last 10 years. Don't forget to check out Dynamic Discs 10 year hot stamped discs

We have another segment from Mind Body Disc and Denise Cameron from Team Latitude 64 is back to go over the rest of her drivers.

Thanks for listening.

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