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14:20 - Your Disc Golf Question

34:43 - Product Review


36:53 - Back to Your Disc Golf Questions

Dynamic Discs has been working with the Emporia Country Club to get a permanent Disc Golf on their property. After several meetings they are allowing us to have a trial period. Eric McCabe has been busy putting in the baskets which will be on the course through the Glass Blown Open. If everything goes well then they will remain at the course. This disc golf course will be only open for certain days so stay tuned for more info on when you can play. Although this is only a small beginning it is a very important step in getting more courses here in Emporia, Kansas.


For last year's Glass Blown Open we had a Pro Panel setup in the Granada Theatre so that players could ask questions. We are doing this again at the 2015 Glass Blown Open and we are opening it up so that people can start sending in questions now. Click on over to GBO.DyamicDiscs.com to submit your questions.

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Are you playing in the 2015 Glass Blown Open? Did you know about the 2015 GBO Sunday Doubles? Dynamic Discs is having the biggest payout for doubles (at least the biggest we have heard about) on May 3rd.


The projected payout has $3,000 for the top Pro team and $1,500 in merchandise for the top Amateur team. Even if you are not playing in the Glass Blown Open tournament you can still sign up for the Sunday Doubles


Dynamic Discs has announced the date for the 2015 Disc Golf Experience at AT&T Stadium. On June 27 Dynamic Discs will descend upon the stadium and set up an exhibition course that will allow disc golfers to play disc golf on the field and throughout the stadium. This event was a big success in 2014 and this year Dynamic Discs plans to make it even bigger. Make sure you save the date.

In this episode Eric and Bobby discuss the new Westside Discs Seer and how it flew for them while filming for a future episode of Dynamic Discs TV. As mentioned in the podcast we are giving away this disc. After you listen to the episode leave your comment on this blog post for your chance to win.



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Product Review - 2:28

Your Disc Golf Questions - 9:50

Dixon Jowers - 39:18


More of Your Disc Golf Questions - 43:52

The weather is warming up and it feels so nice. Eric and Bobby are back in the studio to record episode 071 and there is a lot to talk about.


Eric will be traveling to the Kansas City area for the Kan-U-Wyco and the Rosedale Cup while Bobby will be back in Emporia working on the latest media from Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64º. 


Although Eric tested the Saint Pro when it was first available it was not until recently that he has really started to throw it in tournaments. In this Episode Eric goes into more detail about why the Latitude 64º is now in his bag.

Are you on Snapchat? So are we. Follow dynamicdiscs for behind the scenes photos and videos from Dynamic Distribution and the touring life. From now until March 24th we will be giving away Reward Points that can be used at DynamicDiscs.net. So follow us on Snapchat to enter.


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Like we mentioned yesterday we have a lot of your questions in the queue so Bobby and Eric decided to record another episode this week. As mentioned in this episode be sure to check out Handeye Supply Co. for some unique disc golf designs.

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5:00 - Product Review
7:07 - Mind Body Disc
10:53 - Your Disc Golf Questions
38:30 - Ron Convers, Jr. Interview
57:55 - More of Your Disc Golf Questions


Eric and Bobby are back from Arizona and had an awesome time at the 2015 Memorial Championships. There was quite a dramatic finish between Paul McBeth and Jeremy Koling but, after only 1 hole in a playoff Jeremy Koling was the winner. 

We have another segment from Tim over at MindBodyDisc.com as he tells us a story of a war that can happen in all of us.

We also have Team Dynamic Discs member Ron Convers, Jr. on the show as he was stopping by the warehouse for some new discs. Ron Convers, Jr. is a well respected disc golfer that is always ready to share is insights on disc golf techniques. Head over to his Facebook page where he frequently posts about different topics that will help you improve your game. 

And of course we have a lot of your questions in the queue. Thanks for listening!

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