Disc Golf Answer Man by Dynamic Discs


8:56 - Mind Body Disc

13:50 - Your Disc Golf questions

44:45 - Dixon Jowers with tournament preparation


50:09 - More of your Disc Golf questions

In this episode Eric and Bobby talk about a couple of new products from Dynamic Discs. Dynamic Discs will be coming out with a new plastic called Drift. This plastic is designed to float in water for those people that don't want the risk of their discs landing in a body of water and then sinking to the bottom. Bobby put out a teaser video to let people know about the new plastic. 


Another new product is the Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever and this device is a very valuable tool if you disc does go in the water and you need a way to get your disc out of the water without getting your clothes or your feet wet. The Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever is available now in white and yellow. 

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11:30 - Interview with Ray Woodruff and Doug Bjerkaas

26:15 - Dixon Jowers - Most important shot to work on


29:21 - Your Disc Golf Questions


In this week's episode it might be a little confusing as we recorded one episode right after the other. Eric is in New Orleans and a Parks and Recreation trade show to discuss course design and we had plenty of questions to record another episode. You will not find us talking about the 2015 Winter Warm Up or the 2015 Aussie Open because it did not happen as of this recording. 


But what we do have is an Interview with Ray Woodruff and Doug Bjerkaas to talk about the Rock Mountain Womens Disc Golf Champions that will be played in Superior, Colorado. This has been a ver popular event for the Colorado and 2015 is going to be best year yet. Doug and Ray going into details about what players and spectators can expect at the tournament. Go to www.mhdgc.com and be sure to register for this event before it fills. 

Pro Disc Golfer and Team Dynamic Discs member Dixon Jowers is back with some more tips on improving your disc golf game and then of course we have your disc golf questions. 


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