Disc Golf Answer Man by Dynamic Discs

Mind Over Plastic with Mind Body Disc - 12:05

Your Disc Golf Questions - 17:05

Eric and Bobby want to congratulate Jason Brown on winning the new Prime Starter Disc Golf Set including a Cadet Bag. 

A few of you have mentioned that you like the new segments of Mind Over Plastic with Mind Body Discs and we think that is awesome and we have invited him back for another installment. Keep your encouragement coming so we can keep in coming back.


Eric and Bobby announced a new tournament sponsorship opportunity that is being offered by Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64º, and Westside Discs. They are providing over 50 tournament sponsorship packages. You can register your event by clicking here

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Mind Body Disc - 6:38

Interview with Valarie Doss - 11:30


Your Disc Golf Questions - 44:05


This episode is a super-sized episode!



Tyler Searle has filled us in on the schedule for the 2 Disc Challenge Tour so check out the flyer to see if he will be in your area. Don't worry though, he will be making more trips throughout the 2015 season. Be sure to contact him at Tyler@DynamicDiscs.com if you are interested in having a 2 Disc Challenge near your area and he will see what he can do. We also have another segment from Tim at MindBodyDisc.com.

Valarie Jenkins is our special guest interview for this episode. Valarie Jenkins is a 3x time World Champion, 29x National Tour Champion, and a 14x Major Champion.


Valarie has been playing Disc Golf since she was born and began to play competitively in 2001 where she competed and won her first Am World Championship in the under 16 division. More disc golf and tournament championships were to follow as Valerie continue to pursue her passion for Disc Golf. 


Valarie has been very active in the disc golf world including being an advocate to see more women in the sport. She heads up the website DiscGolf4Women.com where she provides a directory for Women's Leagues and other useful articles. 


One subject that she writes about on the site is Yoga For Disc Golf where she gives helpful instructions on ways to train and cross train for Disc Golf. We will be interviewing Valarie about some of the techniques she recommends for training.

Since Dynamic Discs is releasing the new Prime plastic we thought it would be fun to giveaway a starter set. According to Dynamic Discs, Prime has an incredible feel and excellent grip even when the weather compromises your hold on your favorite disc. These are all secondary benefits to this incredible line of discs. Our guiding intention was to bring a product to market that was affordable for beginners looking to test the waters. We truly endeavor to grow the sport. Putting Prime discs in beginners' hands will be a great way to do that.

How to win:

Go to the Disc Golf Answer Man page and look for the post about this episode. Leave a comment that says, "I want to try Prime!". Next week Eric and Bobby will randomly select a winner and ship them a Prime Disc Golf Starter Set. 

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We are excited to discuss a new base line plastic from Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64º. Dynamic Discs has the Prime plastic and Latitude 64º has Retro plastic. This plastic is designed for the person that just discovered disc golf but does not want to invest a lot of money in new discs.

We have a new segment we are adding to the show called, Mind over plastic with Mind Body Discs. MindBodyDiscs.com is a blog where Tim takes a unique approach to improving in talking disc golf. Let us know in the comments if you like this new addition to the podcast.



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Eric and Bobby are back with their second episode for 2015 and it is hard to believe that we are already talking about our travel plans for the Memorial. 

The Dynamic Discs Suspect is one of the earlier molds from Dynamic Discs and one that sometimes we think people forget about.  With a slightly overstable flight path, small diameter, and great feeling flat top, the Suspect will give you confidence off the tee or around the basket. The Suspect can handle headwinds and fight back on forced anhyzer shots. It shares the best characteristics of both a midrange and a putter and will fill that tweener slot in your bag. 



Dixon Jowers is back with some thoughts on 3 things to think on when looking for growth in your disc golf game.


  1. Take a 10 round average at your local course and compare it to a 10 round snapshot from a year ago.
  2. Put yourself in pressure situations to approximate tournament play.
  3. See what your insides are doing when you step up to a 20’ comeback putt.

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Bobby and Eric are back from taking a week off from the show to enjoy time with friends and family during the holidays. Because of the break there are a lot of questions ready to be answered so in this episode they jump right into the questions.

Be sure to send in more questions so they have some ready for next week's show.

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