Disc Golf Answer Man by Dynamic Discs

3:50 - Chris Eads Interview
10:36 - 5 Tips to improve your putting
21:50 - Your Disc Golf Questions

In this episode we have an interview with Chris Eads while we were out at the 2014 Piney Woods Open. In this Interview Chris tells us about his start with Disc Golf, how he stays involved with the Disc Golf community in his area, and some of the aspects of his game that he likes to work on.

A new segment we are testing out is to have other Pros come in and give their perspective on Disc Golf tips. Dixon Jowers has stepped up with his 5 tips for improving your putting. And then of course we have your Disc Golf questions.

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Not much going on as far as playing tournaments as the weather gets colder here in Emporia, Kansas but we still have plenty to talk about on this episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man.


Bobby interviewed Patrick McCormick who has recently published the book, Zen and Art of Disc Golf. In this book Patrick uses disc golf as the back drop for navigating through the ups and downs of life. If you are interested in learning more about Patrick and his new book head over to ZenDiscGolf.com and order a copy. 


Thanks again to Seth Harwood for creating this sweet "Disc Wars" poster of Eric, Denise Cameron, and Bobby. We have it posted at Dynamic Distribution and everyone that sees things it is really likes it. 

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Eric McCabe recaps his week in Texas where he got a 2nd place finish at the Veterans Park Open and a 1st place finish at the Piney Woods Open. 

Eric also explains the new Fluid line of plastic coming from Dynamic Discs.

Bobby interviews Team Dynamic Discs member Donald Ellsworth while out at the Piney Woods Open where we learn about Donald's hometown and the importance of contributing to your local disc golf community. 

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