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Three new releases for Dynamic Discs will be available online at DynamicDiscs.net on March 28th at 11 pm Central. The Lucid Judge, Fuzion Truth, and the Lucid Air Escape. Eric and Bobby discuss these tree discs and how they fly. 

The number of Trilogy Challenge events is growing  and Bobby shares the story of the one Challenge taking place in New Mexico. The New Mexico Disc Golf Organization is using the event to raise funds for their tournament, The New Mexico Open at Camp of the Tall Pines. You can find out more at NMDG.org.

We had 30 questions submitted for this show so there is plenty of Disc Golf talk. Thanks for submitting your questions and thanks for listening.

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Some exciting stuff happening at Dynamic Distribution as they had another delivery of a 40 foot container delivered full of discs. 

One the show we discussed two of the discs that have arrived. The new Lucid Judge and the new Fuzion Truth. Eric got a chance to throw these discs before we recorded this episode.

If you are in the Wisconsin area there are several Dynamic Discs Tournaments that you can check out. 

March 22 - Wisconsin Spring Open

March 23 - Rollin Ridge Open

March 29 - West Bend, Wisconsin

March 30 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Go to the tournament schedule on the Dynamic Discs web site to get more details. 

As always Eric McCabe answers your Disc Golf questions.

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For this episode we tried something new with live broadcasting our podcast. We used the Dynamic Discs YouTube channel to broadcast us live while we record the podcast. 

If you missed the live broadcast you can see the recording here on the YouTube Channel.

Right before the podcast Bobby recorded Eric throwing a few new discs from the Trilogy brand and in the next few days Bobby will have them uploaded to YouTube. 

The Monkey Island Open is coming up in the next few weeks and we reminisced about the 2010 Monkey Island where it was played in 4 inches of snow.

Thanks again to everyone for listening and now to those that are watching.

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While Eric and Bobby were out at the Memorial Championships we were able to get with Dave Feldberg for a Q&A session. We sent out an email to our email subscribers and we were able to get some questions in for Dave to answer. If you are not on our email list be sure to check out our subscribe page so you will be among the first to hear about special guests. In the interview we also hear from Devan Owens who has become the newest member of the Latitude 64° team. Devan talks about his start in Disc Golf and about a recent injury that will delay his start for the 2014 season. 

Eric and Bobby talk about the Trilogy Challenge and how has reached 103 scheduled events. If you are interested in running a event be sure to check out TrilogyChallenge.com

We have plenty of questions as well in this episode and we appreciate everyone sending them in. 

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