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Team Dynamic Discs members Ron Convers and Liz Dorries stopped by the Dynamic Discs headquarters to check out the new Dynamic Distribution. I asked them if they could sit down with me and do a quick interview for the show. They both discuss their off season time and what they are working on for the 2014 season.

Liz has a new fundraiser disc for 2014 to help her get out on the road and travel. Al

On February 1st three new discs will be released, the Latitude 64° Jade, and the Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Warden, and the stock stamped Lucid Verdict. Eric and I were able to get out and film him throwing the Jade and the Verdict.

As announced on the show we are hoping the Svante from Latitude 64° will have time to sit down with us and answer a few of your questions. 

This weekend Eric and I will be heading out to Lewisville, Texas for the Winter Warm Up and we are both ready to get out on the disc golf scene.

Thanks everyone for listening!

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Another milestone event at Dynamic Discs as we received a 40 ft container filled with discs from Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and Westside. Ever wondered how many discs you get fit in a 40 ft container. Eric has a guessing game going on where you can win a sweet smoky Lucid Truth. Be sure to check out his Pro Facebook page to put in your guess before noon (CST) Thursday December 23rd. Remember, you MUST put your answer on the post on the Facebook page

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Bobby has made his way to Emporia to be part of the Dynamic Discs ribbon cutting ceremony for Dynamic Distribution. Bobby was able to record a podcast episode with Eric.

We have a few questions that Eric answers plus we also announce the winner of our second GBO entry giveaway.

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The Warden Blend disc will be available at DynamicDiscs.net on February 3rd. Eric explains why this is a good disc to pick up for the cold weather.

Eric, along with the help of Handeye Supply, has put together a fundraiser disc to help Eric raise funds for his 2014 touring season. They had stamped 54 Mooonshine discs and they sold online in less than 2 hours. So he has decided to put the unique Handeye Supply stamp on 50 Lucid Truths which will be availble at DynamicDiscs.net.

Jeremy Rusco has given us another entry to giveaway and so we are looking for people to be creative with this giveaway. Some time around 10 am central on Thursday January 9th Bobby is going to create a post on the Dynamic Discs Facebook page where everyone will reply with their most creative answer to why they want to go to the 2014 GBO. You will need to complete this sentence in the most creative way, "I want to play in the 2014 GBO because..... The most creative answer chosen by the DD crew will win.

Thanks everyone for sending in your questions and thanks for listening.

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Eric and I hope that everyone had an awesome time during the holidays. We are back at it with your Disc Golf Questions. And we are announcing the winner for the Glass Blown Open entry giveaway sponsored by Dynamic Discs

We are also excited about the award given to the Dynamic Discs Judge. The Judge won the Thrower's Choice Disc of the Year Award put together by All Things Disc Golf. If you have never been to All Things Disc Golf you should check out there web site to read up on the latest Disc Golf news. 

If you want to pick up Judge be sure to go through our affiliate link so Dynamic Discs knows you heard about it on our show.

Congratulations to Ryan Guiher on being randomly picked as our Glass Blown Open entry giveaway winner. I will be contacting Ryan to work out getting him signed up for the GBO.

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