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f you have been playing Disc Golf for some time now then you have probably heard the name Paul McBeth. He is currently the humber one ranked player in the world and has long list of wins including the PDGA Pro Worlds Championship for 2012 and 2013.

Eric McCabe reached out to Paul to see if he would like to be on our show to help answer some of you Disc Golf questions and Paul was all in.

So sit back and take in the knowledge offered by two of the most upstanding Disc Golfers on the Disc Golf scene today. 

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In this episode Eric and I discuss The Old Man Memorial tournament that was played in Lewisville, Texas. 

We also talk about the new OB rule for the USDGC. This new rule is a little hard to understand as we read it but should make more sense once Eric gets out there. 

CDSB has reached the goal of 5,000 subscribers on the Dynamic Discs YouTube channel and as promised has uploaded the second Dynamic Duel that was filmed back in 2010. This duel has Paul Ulibarri and Nikko Locastro up against Cale Leiviska and Josh Anthon. Be sure to subscribe to the Dynamic Discs YouTube channel so you don't miss out on video uploads.

Then of course Eric McCabe answers you Disc Golf questions.

We would like to hear your opinions about the OB rule at the USDGC. In the embedded post below give us your thoughts on it.

Thanks for listening. 

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We are a few days late with this episode but with Eric being on the road it can prove challenging to stay on a strict schedule. 

Be sure to send in your questions on our website the DiscGolfAnwerman.com.

Check out eric's site at www.ericmccabe1174.com.

Also mentioned in the show was a new project that Bobby is working on with CDSB Media. Check out his plans to live in an RV full time at www.LivingTheRVLife.com

Thanks for listening everyone!

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In episode number 9 Eric and Bobby discuss PDGA rankings and answer your Disc Golf questions. Don't forget to go to www.DiscGolfAnswerman.com and submit your questions to get them answered on the show.

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