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Eric and Bobby discuss inventory at the Dynamic Discs shop and Eric's new line of T-Shirts called Ralph Wear. Eric answers your Disc Golf Questions and we have a suprise giveaway.

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Disc Golf Answerman Ep 003

What does it mean to practice Disc Golf. Yes, when you go out a play a round of Disc Golf you are practicing your game but there are some other techniques you can use to improve your game. In this episode Eric McCabe talks about 3 routines he uses to practice for the big tournaments.

1. Putting

Spend an hour a day 3 to 4 days just working on your putting.
Have a stack of discs for practicing but make sure they are the same disc.
Concentrate on your putts that are within the 30 foot circle of the basket.

2. Find a field

Try to go a football field or just an open field away from a Disc Golf course.
Take all your drivers and mid-ranges and practice all your shots.
Try to release all your discs the same so you can practice letting the disc do the work.

3. Get to a course

If you are practicing for a specific tournament then go out and play that course.
Then go out and practice the trouble holes. 
Know the surrounding of the course, every tree, every obstacle.
Play the course backwards so you become familiar with the course.

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Disc Golf Answerman Ep 002

While Eric and I were in Emporia, Kansas for the 2013 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships we decided to record our second podcast. 

We recorded this episode on Saturday evening after the awards ceremony and we talked about the events and our experiences at the tournaments.

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[0:38] Introductions [2:08] Beaver State Fling [10:53] Amateur World Championships [14:28] Getting a town to support Disc Golf [16:33] How does Eric approach designing courses [21:30] Eric works with Latitude 64 to create the new disc, the Truth [25:05] Life on the road as a Pro Disc Golfer [28:38] Specific workouts for a stronger throw [30:55] Improve putting game  [33:29] How to get more distance on putting [35:45] What do you look for in a putter [37:44] What can be done to maximize the forehand throw? [29:23] How long does it take to place in a tournament [42:01] What is the key to putts outside of 25 feet? [43:05] What is single most important step to becoming a Pro Disc Golfer? 

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