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Disc Golf Answer Man by Dynamic Discs

Jan 16, 2018

Every month we will be going live with Jeremy Rusco on Dynamic Discs Facebook page. This is the update from January 15th, 2018. 

Jan 15, 2018

In this episode Anthony discusses sandbagging in PDGA tournaments, and proposes some changes that can be made to alleviate/eliminate it.

Jan 12, 2018

Dynamic Discs welcomes Jordan Castro and Jason Wilder to Team Dynamic Discs. We interview Jordan and Jason to get to know a little bit more about them and their disc golf plans for 2018. 

Jan 11, 2018

Be sure to follow us at so you can have your say in our Survey and Polls. 

Jan 10, 2018

In this episode we discuss who should consider lighter weight discs,  when is it best to use a midrange,  which division to play in for your first tournament, and much more. 

Clover Cliff Ranch Video 1

Clover Cliff Ranch Video 2

Eagles Wings Disc Golf...